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New To Torah

If you are new to the Hebrew Roots understanding of the Bible, and are just getting started studying the Torah, this section is for you! These are all basic teachings to get you started in your understanding of Hebraic faith.

Blood Moons Revisited

The Blood Moons of 2014-2015 has been a topic of much interest in the last several years. Many people understand this phenomenon to be a sign of the End Times, but are not sure exactly what these signs in the heavens signify. In these teachings, we will look at the Blood Moons (and other End Time events) from a different perspective, and perhaps find some alternative meanings to these prophetic markers. If you would like to watch all the videos from our 2015 Blood Moons Conference, click here.

What in the World is Happening?

Most Christians know about the End Times from popular books and Bible teachers. But how many of those End Times teachings come from a Hebraic, or Jewish, perspective? In this series, I put together updates on current events, along with former teachings that help to explain what is happening in the world today.

The Restoration

When Messiah comes, he will restore the Kingdom of God (Kingdom of David) to its glory. That restoration includes four things: 1. He will restore the Land  2. He will restore all twelve tribes back into the Land  3. He will restore the Temple  4. He will restore peace by defeating Israel's enemies. Join us in this study of the Restoration by understanding the book of Numbers, or in Hebrew: B'Midbar "In the Wilderness".

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Blood Moons Update Conference

Held in 2015, this two day conference discussed the true meaning of the Blood Moon Tetrads, and how we can better prepare for the coming days. The conference speakers included Teresa Bruce, Rich DelPriore, Scott Bruce, and Mark Frassica. We were privileged to have internationally acclaimed violinist, Maurice Sklar perform as well.

Intro to the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

Join us as we study the Hebrew Aleph Bet and learn the hidden treasures of this amazing language. We look at each letter, it's equivalent number, and the ancient Paleo version of Hebrew. Hebrew was originally written in a pictographic version, much like Egyptian hieroglyphics. By analyzing the original Paleo Hebrew, we can discover exciting layers of meaning in the Hebrew words.

The Covenants of the Bible Class

This is an eight-week class covering the concept of Covenant, and the specific Covenants given by God to His people in the Bible. This course will look at God’s Covenants from a Hebraic perspective, as opposed to a traditional Christian viewpoint. We will discover how these covenants build on each other, each opening another aspect to God’s Covenant plan for mankind.

Think you know all about the End Times? You haven't heard it taught like this! Learn about the End Times from a Hebraic Perspective. In this six-part series, you will learn what events to watch for as we near the Day of the Lord, and who the Bible is talking about in the "End of Days".

These short teachings give insight and commentary into the weekly Torah readings.

Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights, but this winter celebration is so much more than just lighting candles for eight nights. It is the story of the Battle for Torah! Learn the story of the first Hanukkah and why we celebrate it every year.

Intro to the Feasts of the Lord

​​An introduction to the biblical Feasts of the Lord. This teaching gives an overview of the seven Feasts, and their relationship to the first and second coming of Jesus.



Click here for a general overview of the Feasts of the Lord, and why we should be observing them.

Intro to Hebraic Roots

Provides Teresa's testimony, and an introduction to Hebraic Roots. Teresa explains how and why she began her Hebraic studies.



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