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The Fourth River Teachings

Learn more about the topics introduced in The Fourth River.

Blood Moons Revisited

The Blood Moons of 2014-2015 has been a topic of much interest in the last several years. Many people understand this phenomenon to be a sign of the End Times, but are not sure exactly what these signs in the heavens signify. In these teachings, we will look at the Blood Moons (and other End Time events) from a different perspective, and perhaps find some alternative meanings to these prophetic markers. If you would like to watch all the videos from our 2015 Blood Moons Conference, click here.

What in the World is Happening?

Most Christians know about the End Times from popular books and Bible teachers. But how many of those End Times teachings come from a Hebraic, or Jewish, perspective? In this series, I put together updates on current events as they relate to the Judgment of the Nations during the Four War Cycles, along with former teachings that help to explain what is happening in the world today.

Check back often for more teachings and updates!

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