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The Fourth River

An End-Times novel with a unique perspective

The Fourth River is an action-packed story based on Messianic Jewish eschatology. The first book in this End-Times series, The Fourth River introduces the reader to the adventures of Jennifer Cummings, her grandmother Audra, and Mark Sumner as they encounter events just before the coming of Messiah. 


A mysterious river has appeared in the desert of Iraq. As the river winds its way through the barren terrain, it produces a lush jungle forest protected by a thick cloud cover. The unearthly cloud disables any electrical device that comes in contact with it making exploration, communication, and surveillance impossible. Could this be the missing fourth river in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden?


When twenty-nine year old biblical archeologist Jennifer Cummings is tasked with exploring the emerging river, she must find the courage to lead her team deep into Iraq to discover the secrets of the strange phenomenon. Mark Sumner is assigned to the group as a photojournalist to film the exploration. A former Special Forces operative, Mark’s presence provides valuable security for the researchers, but his long-ago romance with Jennifer may prove to be a dangerous distraction.


Together, Jennifer and Mark must face the perils of the wilderness and battle the covert military group that has infiltrated the team. With every step of their journey, evidence mounts that they may be living in the final days before the coming of the Messiah.


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