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What In The World Is Happening?

Introduction video

Most Christians know about the End Times from popular books and Bible teachers. But how many of those End Times teachings come from a Hebraic, or Jewish, perspective? In this series, I put together new teachings and updates on current events, along with former teachings that help to explain what is happening in the world today.


If this is your first visit, please watch this introduction video. Scroll down for Current Events and Background Teachings to learn what in the world is happening.


Current Events

This two-part teaching brings us up-to-date on events from 2019 to 2021. We also look at upcoming events.

What In The World Update 2021 - Part One

In this first video of a two part teaching, we review the major events in the three War Cycles. Topics include the War Cycles, the Judgment of the Nations, America as an end-time Egypt, what does it mean that 2016 was "the end of America" as we know it, and the prophetic meaning of the solar eclipse of 2017. This is a good overview for those who are new to the War Cycles teaching.

What In The World Update 2021 - Part Two

In Part Two, I share a prophetic warning from the Lord that I experienced in 2015. I believe it was a warning of the current Pandemic and the attempt to create a one-world government.

What In The World 2016-2019

Part One - What In The World 2019 - America

Part One - Join us in this first part of a two part teaching, as we look at where we are in end time prophecy. This first video emphasizes what has happened here in America since 2016. Topics include America as an end-time Egypt, what does it mean that 2016 was "the end of America" as we know it, and the prophetic meaning of the solar eclipse of 2017.

Part Two - What In The World 2019 - Israel

Part 2 - This is the second in a two-part series on What In The World Is Happening. This is an update on what is happening in Israel as it relates to end time prophecy. Topics include Trump as an end-time Cyrus, a new look at Matthew 24 and the parable of the Fig Tree, and the coming Third Temple.

What In The World 2000 - 2016

Up-to-date analysis of what is happening in the world as they relate to End Time Prophecy. Click on the titles in red to watch the video concerning that event. These teachings are listed in order. This video is an introduction to the next three teachings.

001 Third War Cycle Events - 8/23/16 

In September of 2000, a series of seven-year war cycles began that will continue until Messiah comes. We are now in the third war cycle. Here are some of the End Time events that have happened during these last two cycles.

002 The Beginning of Jacob's Troubles - 9/01/16

It appears that we have begun the Time of Jacobs Troubles. What are some of the signs that point to this time of the End? In this video, we review Pharoah's dream from Genesis 41, and go back to 1993 to find the root cause of the current seven-year war cycles. This is the first of three videos on the war cycle timeline.

003 The Babylonian Invasion of America - 9/01/16

In 2013 the spirit of Babylon invaded America. It is manifesting in society now. In this teaching we discuss the rise of violence and racial unrest in the U.S. and its spiritual root. This is the second of three videos on the war cycle timeline.

004 Release of the Whirlwind - 9/01/16

September of 2015 was a significant prophetic month. That month was the Feast of Trumpets, and it released the "whirlwind" of the end of days. That whirlwind has manifested in the Syrian war which includes Turkey, Russia, Iran, Iraq, the U.S. and other nations. This is the third of three videos on the war cycle timeline.

Background Teachings

The videos listed below will provide a background to what is happening. It would be helpful to watch these videos to understand who the current End Time players are, the connection between Israel and America, and the root of current prophetic events.


Why Should I Learn About Israel?

Many Christians ask themselves "Why should I study about Israel? If God is done with the Jewish people until the Tribulation, what does this have to do with me?" It is important to address this question, but to do that, we need to define who "Israel" is. In this  teaching, we look at some of the answers to that question, and how "Israel" is actually hidden in the Church of today.

Who Is Israel?


Why is America "Falling Apart"?

Many prophecy teachers have noted that America is not mentioned in the Bible, especially in Prophecy. We know, however, that America is linked together with the nation of Israel and will play a role in the End Times. This teaching looks at the history of America and it's biblical link to the people of Israel. You will also learn about God's End Time Harvest and how the people of America are a part of that Harvest.

America, the End-Time Vineyard


The Blood Moons have come and gone and nothing happened. Were they really a message from God?

The Blood Moons have come and gone. Many people were expecting an Event to occur, such as the return of Yeshuah (Jesus) or the Rapture. I believe the Blood Moons were not warning us of an Event, but of a Period of Time. In this teaching, we will discuss current events in relationship to the Blood Moons and End Time prophecy.

Blood Moons Update


Where are we on the Prophetic Clock?

I believe we are entering the final years before the Return of Yeshuah. In this teaching, we study the four horses and riders of the book of Revelation from the original Greek and Hebrew, which reveals the current rise of a global Islamic caliphate.

The Four Horses of Revelation


Why is there so much police hatred and violence in America?

We have all been watching the increase of violence, anger, and attacks both here and abroad. Many people are wondering what is happening in the world. Why do things seem to be getting so crazy? The violence and racial division here in the U.S. is a result of a "demonic invasion" that occurred in 2013. I have not done a video teaching about this, but you can read about this invasion below.

The Rise of Police Hatred and Black Lives Matter

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