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Coffee With My Friends is a teaching ministry focused on studying the Bible from a Hebraic perspective. Sharing the Word in a casual setting, Coffee With My Friends discusses various biblical subjects from a First Century, Hebraic perspective. We are currently living in California, but love to travel to different countries - so you might be joining us anywhere in the world! So get your Bible, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea), and join us as we study God's Word together!

Teresa Bruce
Scott Bruce

Teresa has been a follower of Yeshua since 1975. She has a degree in Mass Communications, and a Bible Training Certificate from RHEMA Bible Training Center. She has been an Associate Pastor, the head of a television ministry, and Development Director for a crisis pregnancy center. Teresa and Scott are Torah teachers for our small fellowship.


We love teaching about Yeshua, the Temple and the Torah, and a love for the nations of the world.

Scott is a lifetime follower of Yeshua, having grown up in the church. He has a degree in City Planning and a lifetime career in the Planning world. He is currently semi-retired, although he is a small-business owner, an entrepeneur, and a planning consultant. That doesn't sound very retired, does it?

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