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Covenants of the Bible Class

This is a nine-week class covering the concept of Covenant, and the specific Covenants given by God to His people in the Bible. This course will look at God’s Covenants from a Hebraic perspective, as opposed to a traditional Christian viewpoint. We will discover how these covenants build on each other, each opening another aspect to God’s Covenant plan for mankind.


This series is dedicated to our friends, Jeremy and Ellen. While on a mission trip to Thailand, it was Jeremy who first told me that I had a teaching gift. It has been his encouraging voice in my head over the years as I developed my teaching skills. As an added bonus, he also loves coffee! You can visit his coffee house at Spearhead Coffee in Paso Robles, CA.


It is recommended that you purchase a 1/2” three-ring binder to keep your handouts and take notes. If you would like to print the binder cover for this class, you can click on this link and then print the artwork. 

These videos will be in class format: they will be complete footage from the night of each class. To view the slides alongside the teaching, click on the link next to the video to open the slides in a new tab. You may then click between tabs to view the video and follow along with the slides. If you have PowerPoint on your computer, you can download the PPT slides.

Week One: Intro to Covenant

Intro to Covenant - this session will cover a basic understanding of Hebraic thought, the concept of Covenant in the ancient Near East, and the steps that are included in a Blood Covenant. Videotaped on 1/19/16.

Week Two: Adam and Noah

Adam and Noah- this session will cover the first two covenants of the Bible: Adam and Noah. Videotaped on 1/26/16.

Week Three: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - this session will cover the third covenant of the Bible: Abraham Isaac, and Jacob. Videotaped on 02/02/16.

Week Four: Moses Pt. 1

Moses Part 1: the Marriage Covenant -  we will learn how the Covenant with the people of Israel given at Mount Sinai was a Marriage Covenant between Yahweh and His Bride.

Videotaped on 02/09/16

Week Five: Moses Pt. 2

Moses Part 2: the Constitution of the Kingdom -   in this session we will look at the Mosaic Covenant as a Constitution of the Kingdom, including the establishment of laws for living in the Kingdom.

Videotaped on 02/16/16

Week Six: David: The Eternal Kingdom

Covenant of David: the Eternal Kingdom -  David was promised an eternal throne. We will look at that promise, and how it relates to Jesus (Yeshuah) as our Kingly Messiah.

Videotaped on 02/23/16

Week Seven: The Eternal Priesthood

Eternal Priesthood -  In this lesson, we learn about the eternal Priesthood promised to (Pinchas) Phinehas during the time of their wandering in the wilderness desert. We compare this earthly priesthood to the current position of Yeshua as the High Priest under the Melchizadek order. We also explore the most common idols worshipped by Israel, and how these idols have made their way into our culture.

Videotaped on 03/01/16

Week Eight: The New Covenant - Part 1

The New Covenant - Pt 1-  In this lesson, we learn about the promise of the New (or Renewed) Covenant.  The promise of this New Covenant is given to the Prophets after Israel was divided due to disobedience. We will look at the various aspects of this New Covenant, and how Jesus (Yeshuah) opened the door for the Gentiles to enter into these promises.

Videotaped on 03/08/16

Week Nine: The New Covenant - Part 2

The New Covenant - Pt 2-  We continue studying the work of Yeshuah in establishing this Covenant by looking at the Melchizedek Priesthood, His role as Messiah in His first coming, as well as His role in the second coming, and finally His fulfillment of all the Covenants.

Videotaped on 03/15/16

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