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Wonder of Wonders

Several years ago I had the joy of performing in a stage production of Fiddler On The Roof. I think that if they had let us, I would have performed that play every weekend for a year! It was such a joy to be a part of the story of Tevye. (I played Yenta the Matchmaker. It is SO me!) One of the really great songs of Fiddler was “Miracle of Miracles”. Tevye’s daughter Tzeitel is secretly in love with Motel (pronounced Mottle), a poor tailor. Motel finally develops the courage to ask Tevye for his daughter’s hand in marriage, and Tevye gives his permission. An overjoyed Motel celebrates with Tzeitel, singing the song Miracle of Miracles, proclaiming the miracle that God gave him the courage of Daniel as he walks into the lion’s den. It is a glorious song! Just like Motel the tailor, we are seeing wonders and miracles in our time as well.

One of the greatest wonders is watching prophecy unfold before our eyes, especially in the Land of Israel. Since the beginning of the year we have seen God perform “wonder of wonders” for Israel. Here is a list of just some of these wonders from a Facebook post by Zahava Englard Shapiro:

  1. The United States, under the leadership of President Trump, is scheduled to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14th, effectively backing the US government's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. [This happened today!]

  2. Mossad locates and successfully steals a half a ton of original files from Iran on its nuclear weapons project. Team returns home safely.

  3. President Trump pulls out of the ill-planned and ill-fated Iranian nuke deal.

  4. Iranian forces in Syria shoot 20 to 30 missiles at Israel, all missing their mark with 4 destroyed by the iron dome. No Israelis harmed and no damage.

  5. Israel retaliates and successfully strikes Iranian military targets inside Syria including striking their munitions storage facilities, effectively debilitating Iran's military build-up and infrastructure in Syria. All Israeli pilots return safely home.

  6. Netanyahu convinces Putin not to arm Hezbola with S-300 ground to air missiles, diminishing the danger to Israeli pilots when carrying out defensive aerial missions.

  7. IDF forces on Israel's southern border hold strong against month-long Hamas attacks and attempted infiltrations.

  8. This Sunday we celebrate 51 years since the unification of our beloved capital, Jerusalem and the liberation of our heartland -Judea and Samaria.

Now THAT is a list to talk about!

God is doing amazing things here in the United States as well. I believe He is preparing believers for the 2nd Exodus. In 2012 God showed me that 2016 would be the “end of America as we know it”. That sounded pretty ominous to me, so I watched in great anticipation to see what in the world would happen in 2016 that would “end” America. In hindsight, I can now see that He was showing me the role that America plays as an “end-time Egypt”.

Wait a minute! I thought America was an end-time Babylon! How can we be Egypt? Didn’t Egypt enslave the people of Israel? I am glad you asked that question. While it is true that the people of Israel were enslaved by Egypt, which prompted the Exodus, it is also true that Egypt was a place of safety for the twelve tribes of Israel. A place where they could be safe and grow into a mighty nation. It wasn’t until a “pharoah arose that knew not Joseph” that the people were put into bondage and persecuted. Just like Egypt was a place of safety for the twelve tribes for many years, America has been a place of safety for them as well. It is the only country where the Jewish people could live in safety without fear of overt persecution or expulsion from their homes. America has been a place where the “vineyard” of Israel could grow until God’s prophetic timetable deemed it was time for the “second Exodus”.

Genesis 46 states that the people of Israel were slaves in Egypt for four-hundred years. Exodus states that they were slaves for four-hundred-thirty years. Although the rabbis have some interesting solutions to that apparent contradiction, I find that any time the bible states an overt contradiction, it usually has some prophetic significance. So I thought