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Dear JP: Concerning our recent discussions regarding the study of the Hebraic Roots of our Faith. I have, here undertaken to describe to you our process of study, what started it and, the core concepts that we have discovered along the way. As we discussed when we last met, we present our information as just that, information – what you decide to do with it is entirely up to you.

We anticipate that we’ll break our journey into seven introductory segments:

  • Intro and Beginnings – Yes, Jesus is Lord

  • It’s a Hebrew Book

  • Roots of “Christianity”

  • First Borns and the Roots of Religion

  • G*d’s Feasts

  • Two Groups, – One Family

  • Time of the End – Entering the Age to Come

Remember, the information to be provided in these seven installments is intended to introduce a topic. If you find the topic of interest / would like additional information and / or the basis for our comments we’ll be more than happy to discuss in detail.


Jesus is Lord:

Right up front, Jesus is Lord and His blood is the way to salvation. Never fear -- that does not change.

That said, several years ago, we were more and more strongly impressed to know for ourselves – beyond any doubt, why we believe what we believe. It was not a salvation question, it was a question of how the whole system of thought / theology hung together. As you and I discussed, most of us “lifers” - and those who have been Christians for a long time – have questions that have not been answered, no matter how many times we’d been over those particular topics / passages of Scripture. So – in 2008 we began our search.

Some, not all, of our questions were:

  • Exactly what was the transition process from “Judaism” to “Christianity”

  • Did it, and if so, how did, Christianity replace Judaism. How do Jews get saved. Is the Torah “Law” and a replacement for faith

  • Exactly who are “the Jews”

  • Exactly how did (not did it) Jesus’ blood create that eternal relationship between us and G*d