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Is Trump a Prophetic Cyrus?

I have been watching the current political climate here in the U.S. with great interest, wondering how this fits in our understanding of prophetic times. This post is not meant to be political - neither for or against President Trump or his policies. It is simply an analysis of what is happening and how it relates to our timeline for the coming of Messiah, just as we previously analyzed the Obama administration and their influence on prophetic events. So lets take a look at these current events through the Prophetic Window.

First, is the election of Trump: if we are on course with our Timeline, we have four more years before the beginning of the final “War Cycle” in 2021 (the shriveled wheat of increased persecution and difficult harvest). With Donald Trump as President of the U.S., we have an Israel-friendly administration that will allow for the continued “easy harvest” of Ephraim and Judah out of America. President Trump has pledged to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, has reinstated diplomatic support for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and pledges to defend the nation of Israel. Whether or not he can reverse the United Nations resolution 2334 is still to be determined. Trump has also pledged to rebuild our own military. This could be the “end-time army” of prophetic “Joseph” that will come to the aid and support of Israel during the final seven years of conflict.

Second, lets look at the possible prophetic role that President Trump may play as a Cyrus leader. It is fascinating that many Jewish leaders consider him to be a “type” of Cyrus, who gave the command to rebuild the second temple in Jerusalem. Some are anticipating that President Trump may be the man God uses to allow the rebuilding of the Temple in our day. Let’s see if there are any similarities between him and Cyrus, and what that might look like today!

How did Cyrus come to power? That story is told in Daniel 5. Remember the story of King Belshazzar? He was the last king of Babylon. He gave a great banquet using the gold cups and bowls of the temple, and suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall. That night Belshazzar was killed and his kingdom was suddenly conquered by the Medes and Persians - Darius/Cyrus. (Some of the scribes believe that Darius and Cyrus were the same person.) The transfer of power was sudden and “overnight”.

Let’s compare that to how Trump came to power. We have analyzed in the past how America was an end-time Egypt that has preserved the people of Israel for many years. Then in 2013 the spirit of Babylon invaded America, causing civil unrest and the UN resolution against Israel. So “Babylon” has been in power in the U.S. for the past four years. (see previous blog post)

Trump’s victory in the presidential election occurred suddenly and “overnight”, just as Persia’s victory was overnight. If Trump is indeed a “Cyrus”, then that would mean that America is now an end-time “Persia”. The word for Persia in Hebrew is “paras”. It comes from the Hebrew word “peras” which means “divided; to break in two.” If Trump is today’s King Cyrus, then he is ruling over a “divided” kingdom. I think we could safely say that the U.S. is a divided nation!

What should we look for in the next few years? In the book of Ezra, we see that Cyrus ordered the building of the Temple in his first year. The people returned to Jerusalem, cleansed the temple area, and set up the altar under the authority of Yeshua, the High Priest (translated Joshua, the High Priest). In the third year of Cyrus’s reign, a war broke out and he was killed. His son Ahashverosh became king and we then have the story of Esther and Mordecai. It took sixteen more years before the Temple was actually rebuilt under king Darius (the son of Esther).

Translate that to our timeline: we should look for the Trump administration giving support for building the Temple sometime in his first year 2017/18. Possible construction of the Temple will begin and sacrifices resumed. Opposition will cause conflict, causing the Temple project to cease. Then in 2020/21 Trump’s influence will end and there will arise a “Purim” conflict. The conflict continues during the final War Cycle of 2021-2028. Finally, the enemies of Israel will be defeated and the Temple will be completed in 2033. Will it happen this way? I don’t like to make predictions, so… We shall watch and see!

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