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Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights, but this winter celebration is so much more than just lighting candles for eight nights. It is the story of the Battle for Torah! Learn the story of the first Hanukkah and why we celebrate it every year.

001 Intro to Hebraic Roots

Provides Teresa's testimony, and an introduction to Hebraic Roots. Teresa explains how and why she began her Hebraic studies.

0.20.00 mins long.



002 Intro to the Feasts of the Lord

​​An introduction to the biblical Feasts of the Lord. This teaching gives an overview of the seven Feasts, and their relationship to the first and second coming of Jesus.

0.24.13 mins long.


Thank you to the following ministries for the use of their graphics, and for their teachings regarding the Feasts of the Lord:


El Shaddai Ministries

Pastor Mark Biltz


Wildbranch Ministry

Brad Scott

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