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Welcome to Coffee With My Friends

Welcome to the teaching ministry of Teresa Bruce. Join us as we study the bible, learn about world events through the lens of end time prophecy, and explore our faith in a deeper way. If you are new to Torah and Hebrew Roots, you can start with some basic information by going to our New To Torah page. So sit down, relax, and have a cup of coffee as we learn God's Word together!

For a brief explanation of the seven-year War Cycles that we are currently experiencing, you can visit the War Cycle Charts page. This page explains the true meaning of the Blood Moons of 2014/15, the current Islamic Immigration into the nations, and the coming gathering of God's people back to the Land of Israel in the end of days. 

The Fourth River
An End-Times novel with a unique perspective

The Fourth River is an action-packed story based on Messianic Jewish eschatology. The first book in this End-Times series, The Fourth River introduces the reader to the adventures of Jennifer Cummings, her grandmother Audra, and Mark Sumner as they encounter the beginning of events before the coming of Messiah. 

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Popular Teachings:

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Welcome to Coffee With My Friends. Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and lets learn together!

Newly added:

What In The World 2021 - Part One

   A review of the Four War Cycles

What In The World 2021 - Part Two

   A prophetic warning

Most Christians know about the End Times from popular books and Bible teachers. But how many of those End Times teachings come from a Hebraic, or Jewish, perspective? Join us in this new series as we explore what is happening in the world, and how they relate to the Day of the Lord.

The Restoration Series

When Messiah comes, he will restore the Kingdom of God (Kingdom of David) to its glory. That restoration includes four things:

1. He will restore the Land

2. He will restore all twelve tribes back into the Land

3. He will restore the Temple

4. He will restore peace by defeating Israel's enemies.

Join us in this study of the Restoration by understanding the book of Numbers, or in Hebrew: B'Midbar "In the Wilderness".

The Covenants of the Bible Class

This is an eight-week class covering the concept of Covenant, and the specific Covenants given by God to His people in the Bible. This course will look at God’s Covenants from a Hebraic perspective, as opposed to a traditional Christian viewpoint. We will discover how these covenants build on each other, each opening another aspect to God’s Covenant plan for mankind.

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