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Join us as we study the bible, learn about world events through the lens of end time prophecy, and explore our faith in a deeper way. So sit down, relax, and have a cup of coffee as we learn God's Word together! These podcast links will open up in Podomatic. (NOTE: the most recent podcast is at the top. Scroll down for earlier posts.)

A Covenant House

Episode Description: We have been invited to live in God's Covenant House. What is a Covenant, and how does it relate to us in our life with Him? When we understand Covenant, we will understand the whole story of the Bible.

Welcome to Coffee With My Friends

Episode Description: Welcome to the first podcast of Coffee With My Friends. Let's sit together with a cup of coffee and learn about the Bible from a 1st century Hebraic perspective. In today's episode, we go over the various topics we will be learning about, as well as our unique way of looking at the bible.

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