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Pinchas (Phinehas) - Numbers 25:10-29:40

Part One - Pinchas, the Priest of War
Pinchas was the grandson of Aaron. Because of his actions against Zimri and Kozbi, he was given an eternal Priesthood, as well as an eternal covenant of Shalom. In this teaching we study Pinchas as the Priest of War, and compare him with Yeshua, who has a heavenly Priesthood. We also look at the ancient belief in a War Messiah who will come in the End of Days to deliver his people from their enemies. Is this War Messiah a type of Yeshua, who will come as the Commander of Heaven's Armies?
Filmed on 07/24/17

Click on the link below to download the PowerPoint slides and follow along with the teaching.

PowerPoint Slides for Pinchas Pt 1

Power Point Slides for Pinchas Pt 2

Part Two - Pinchas
In the End of Days, it will be an important duty of the Messiah to prepare the people to take the Land, to redeem "Joseph" back into covenant, and to establish the laws of the Feasts. In this second video of Parashah 41, Pinchas, we look at the prophetic meaning of the command to take a census of all those who are of military age in preparation for conquering the Land. We also study the daughters of Zelophehad who receive an inheritance in the Land - their Hebrew names show us the path of redemption for the tribe of "Joseph" (Israel hidden in the nations).
Filmed on 07/24/17
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