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Mattot (Tribes) - Numbers 30:2-32:42

Mattot (Tribes)

After all the Twelve Tribes have been gathered in the 2nd Exodus, all the people will have to be "judged" or divided to determine whether or not we are willing to be a part of the Kingdom of Israel. In this lesson we will study what it means to make a vow, including how those vows are annulled or affirmed. What did it mean for "Ephraim" to make a covenant with death, and how does God annul that covenant for us? We will also study the prophetic meaning of the war against the nation of Midyan - the five kings of Midyan and the Hebrew meaning of their names. Finally, we will see the foreshadowing of a place of safety in the Wilderness during the time of Tribulation.

Click on the link below to download the PowerPoint slides.

Power Point Slides for Mattot

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